Joint investment, risk sharing, and reward are key features of the My 360 Partnership approach to delivery of new affordable housing when working with Registered Providers and Local Authorities.

Your pro-active development partner

In addition to acting simply as your construction partner My 360 Partnerships also holds the expertise to work with you to jointly assemble land; undertake investment in pre-planning, technical and pre-construction processes to ensure early certainty for development projects

Sharing sales risk and expertise

We have completed a number of projects in partnership with Registered Providers
(RP’s) in which we have created a Joint Venture (JV) company and shared sales risk on developments. We are also able to undertake open market sale opportunities that create cross subsidy to support affordable housing.

Our approach to sales is both flexible and supportive. In some instances, the RP may have an established sales team and brand to undertake sales on behalf of the JV. In other cases My 360 Partnerships will take the sales lead using our dedicated sales team.

Solutions and services that fully embrace the standards and expectation associated with delivery of quality affordable housing.

We bespoke our services to meet our customers’ needs. Our specialist development and construction teams are able to assist or take the lead in progressing the project through the following stages:

  • Site identification and acquisition
  • Development of delivery models and tenures
  • Application for grant funding (if applicable)
  • Running planning applications
  • Sales strategy and sales
  • Feasibility and viability
  • Approval and sign off process
  • Master planning and community consultation events
  • Construction stage works
  • After care and ongoing life cycle

Through continuous improvement and collaboration in working with Registered Providers (RP’s), the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Local Authorities (LA’s) for many years MY360 Living have developed value for money solutions that incorporate the following standards

  • Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) levels 3 and 4 compliance
  • HCA design and Quality Standards
  • Secured by design
  • Lifetime Homes
  • Housing quality Indicator (HQI) Unit Layout Scores
  • LABC / NHBC accreditations